Literacy Lights Program

What is the Literacy Lights Program?


  • Literacy Lights program is for preschool and primary school aged children, assisting them with developing reading and writing skills.
  • The program draws from a number of well know evidence-based literacy interventions, as well as resources directly created by our principal psychologist Elizabeth Sulikowski.
  • These resources are tailored to each individual child or group, and information from assessments can be very useful to guide development. This allows for highly specialised and targeted skill development, based on your child’s cognitive and academic profile. 
  • Classes are individual to each group of children and children are grouped with peers who are similar in age and ability level.

What is the aim of the program?

Many children who struggle academically have poor self-esteem as a result, and are often reluctant and anxious when it comes to learning activities. The Literacy Lights program begins the process of learning for your child where they are currently at. This helps them to develop an interest and desire to learn more which is achieved by making sure the sessions are fun for children. 

This program focuses on engaging children through unique and creative approaches to ensure learning is a joy.

  • When children are having fun learning, they want to learn more.
  • When they are able to see their progress, they grow in confidence with a renewed attitude.

We strongly believe in enabling every child to experience a learning success in their lives. As such we have created an environment that supports this through various games, activities and multi-sensory approaches to learning literacy.

What areas are targeted in the sessions?


The different skills covered in the program depend on what level your child presents, but generally include the following:


  • Learning phonics and letter recognition.
  • Learning to blend and segment sounds.
  • Using decoding and encoding skills to learn to read and write.
  • Understanding patterns and rules of the English language.
  • Grammar and punctuation.
  • Writing structure and flow.


Would my child benefit from Literacy Lights?

  • Has your child experienced a loss of confidence in their literacy skills?
  • Does your Child struggle with their reading and writing at school?
  • Does your child use English as a second language and would additional support benefit them?
  • Would you like your preschool child to get a head start before school?